Summer Staff Highlight #5: Morgan Hydrick

This summer, one of our co-editors-in-chief, Morgan, is studying abroad in Turin, Italy for 6 weeks! She is one of two MSU students selected to participate in the Cornell in Turin program at the Fondazione Luigi Einaudi.

For her first class, she studied European Economics and Government. Through this, she was able to learn a lot more about European politics than she did before her trip. Her second class is focused on Comparative Population Dynamics, specifically immigration patterns, marriage and family, and inequality. These two courses aren’t something she would have normally gotten the opportunity to study at MSU, and they have helped her see a different side to Europe than a strictly cultural difference. She has also had the opportunity to meet an ambassador and an Italian senator, and even visited a refugee center.

She’s having plenty of fun too! She’s traveled to Florence and Genoa, where she visited countless museums. She was also able to visit the Royal Library in Turin, where they had many copies of Dante’s Divine Comedy that spanned several hundred years in age.

Here she is visiting the Uffizzi in Florence:

Morgan Hydrick Pic (edited)


Summer Staff Highlight #4: Danielle Stratman

Danielle has spent her summer preparing for her last year of college. She has two internships and also works at the front desk of the Joe Frank Sanderson Center on the MSU campus (say hi if you see her!).

One of her internships is a Social Media Manager position at a Starkville digital marketing company called Sociallyin. She works with clients’ social media accounts, as well as their digital advertising. Right now, she’s also assisting with the creation of an ebook, putting her writing skills to good use by working on the copy for it.

Her other internship is at the MSU Foundation where she is a writing intern. There, she writes university-related press releases and stories about donors for different MSU publications. She’s enjoying expanding her writing skills beyond what she learns as an English major, focusing more on PR and Communications styles of writing at this internship.

Between these two internships and running the social media and website for The Streetcar, most of her summer has been spent staring at a computer, but she tries to get outside whenever she can. She’s always on the hunt for cool places to hike that aren’t too far of a drive. Danielle has also been using this summer to make her way through the dozens of books in her apartment that she doesn’t have time to read during the school year.

Here she is working hard for Sociallyin:

Me (edited)


Summer Staff Highlight #3: Jenna Mosier

This summer, Jenna is working in a neurotoxicology lab in Starkville, MS. At the lab, she studies the effects of chemical exposure on the brain. When she’s not working, Jenna spends a lot of her time in a used book shop that she recently discovered downtown. She’s also using her extra free time as an opportunity to work on her writing.

Earlier this summer, her youngest sister graduated from high school, and Jenna is excited for her to join the Bulldog family in the fall!

Jenna Mosier Pic (edited)


Summer Staff Highlight #2: Robert Frey

Robert, one of our co-editors-in-chief, has been spending his summer in the United Kingdom, where he’s taking a class on Shakespeare’s plays at King’s College, London. His housing is only a short walk from the Globe Theatre, so he has been able to see several of Shakespeare’s works performed right there in the Globe.

In the weeks before and after the class he is taking, his plans include traveling around England, Scotland, and Wales taking in the sights and studying the local history of the places he visits.

Here’s Robert at York Minster cathedral:

Robert Frey Pic (edited)


Summer Staff Highlight #1: Kay Fairley

This past month, Kay spent a week exploring the North Georgia Mountains with her uncle in the small town of Blairsville, Georgia.

She began her journey by catching a train very early in the morning out of her hometown of Hattiesburg, Mississippi. This was her first solo train trip, so the nine hour trek north-east up and into the heart of Atlanta, Georgia seemed to be a lot shorter than it actually was. After experiencing a few minor delays, she arrived in Atlanta around nine o’clock that evening. From there, she took a car another hour and a half north, finally reaching the small town of Blairsville late that night.

She spent one (very cold and very rainy!) week exploring some of the sights that Blairsville and the surrounding towns had to offer. This included a visit to the highest point in Georgia (known as the Brasstown Bald), shopping and dining out in the tourist town of Blue Ridge, and viewing an antique car show in the heart of Blairsville after eating lunch at the first (and hopefully only) armadillo-themed restaurant she has ever been to. She was also able to hike out to see a reproduction of a giant water mill on one day of her trip.

Despite the fact that living on a mountain meant that cellular service and wifi-connections were scarce, she had the chance to do a lot of writing and reading, which she considered to be a pretty okay trade-off. At the end of the week, she cut across the Blood Mountain and hopped aboard a southbound train headed back to Hattiesburg.

Her plans for the rest of the summer remain undetermined, but she’s hoping they’ll include many more adventures like this one!

Kay Fairley Pic (edited)


A Summer Update

Hey Streetcar Fans!

We hope all of you readers, writers, and artists that have been so loyal to our journal are having a wonderful summer!  Whether you’ve been taking or teaching summer classes, studying abroad in an amazing new place, working hard at a job or internship, or hardly working and just enjoying these summer days, we hope the past couple of months have been treating you well.

We know some of you students have probably been taking advantage of this extra free time to work on your writing and art, so we just wanted to remind you that we’re always accepting submissions.  Even during these summer months when our staff is off doing their own exciting things, our inbox is open and we’re happy to receive all of your creative works.  You can click here to check out how to send in a submission.  The deadline isn’t until November 20th, though, so if you haven’t quite perfected your summer projects, there’s still plenty of time to get them to us in the Fall.

In the meantime, we wanted to let you know about something exciting that will be happening on our Facebook, Twitter, and here on our website in the coming weeks.  Our staff members are pretty amazing people.  They work hard during the year to bring you the new volumes of our journal, and we wanted to help you get to know them outside of The Streetcar a little better.  Each member of our staff will be featured in a staff highlight telling you a little about their summer plans and adventures, so keep an eye out for those and make sure to show our hardworking and passionate staff a little love!