Summer Staff Highlight #10: Karleigh Kimbrell

This summer, Karleigh studied at Christ Church, University of Oxford. She focused her studies on the Lost Generation, specifically Ernest Hemingway in the Oxbridge Tutorial system. During her time in Oxford, she had the opportunity  to travel to Bath, Cambridge, London, Windsor Castle, and Blenheim Palace. She was also able to see A Midsummer Night’s Dream at the Globe Theatre and Les Miserable at the Queen’s Theatre.

Her favorite place in Oxford was the Botanical Gardens, which are the oldest in England. They’re set on the River Thames, so Karleigh and her friends went punting down the river after exploring the gardens. She loved having the opportunity to spend the summer reading works by one of her favorite writers while exploring the United Kingdom.

To hear more about her adventures in England and the rest of the United Kingdom, you can check out her blog where she documented her trip.

Here she is at Christ Church:

Karleigh Kimbrell pic (edited)


Summer Staff Highlight #9: Krissy Carter

This summer, Krissy has been working at her local Barnes & Noble in Ridgeland, MS in addition to interning. She says that it hasn’t been easy to balance the two, but she is enjoying her internship. She’s met many different people who have jobs that she would be interested in pursuing after graduating from MSU, so that has made her look forward to her post-grad future!

She’s also taken a few spontaneous trips to New Orleans, Houston, and Nashville and has stuck with her goal of reading a new book every week. She is also in the process of creating a lifestyle blog. With the help of a family friend and a little bit free time this summer, she hopes to have it up and running soon!

Krissy is looking forward to the new semester after having such a productive summer!


Summer Staff Highlight #8: Ciarra Smith

This summer, Ciarra has continued to work in Dr. Eell’s lab, where they are attempting to find out if the nurr1 transcription factor, a major component in dopamine expression, somehow alters its dopamine levels due to the presence of the parasite Toxoplasma gondii. T. gondii antibodies have been found in many patients with schizophrenia, so it’s believed that the parasite plays some role in the altered dopamine levels of these patients, and that is what the lab is testing to find out.

Ciarra says her favorite moment was when she completed her first ever fresh brain dissection. She adds that her younger sister kindly informs her that this is “not dinner conversation.” Even though she’s been bitten by the mice that the lab works with more times than she can count, she has grown to love working with them.

While the summer is quickly coming to a close, she hopes to squeeze in a lot more work at the lab.

Here she is decked out in her lab gear:

Ciarra Smith Pic (edited)


Summer Staff Highlight #7: Gentry Burkes

Gentry started off her summer at the Hangout Music Festival in Gulf Shores, AL. After enjoying three days of great music, she traveled back home to Los Angeles.

Currently, she’s studying at the Music Innovation Program at UCLA. Within the program, her studies focus on looking at the future of the music industry and where it’s headed. In addition to attending this summer program at UCLA, she’s also interning at a music branding company called Z Group.



Summer Staff Highlight #5: Morgan Hydrick

This summer, one of our co-editors-in-chief, Morgan, is studying abroad in Turin, Italy for 6 weeks! She is one of two MSU students selected to participate in the Cornell in Turin program at the Fondazione Luigi Einaudi.

For her first class, she studied European Economics and Government. Through this, she was able to learn a lot more about European politics than she did before her trip. Her second class is focused on Comparative Population Dynamics, specifically immigration patterns, marriage and family, and inequality. These two courses aren’t something she would have normally gotten the opportunity to study at MSU, and they have helped her see a different side to Europe than a strictly cultural difference. She has also had the opportunity to meet an ambassador and an Italian senator, and even visited a refugee center.

She’s having plenty of fun too! She’s traveled to Florence and Genoa, where she visited countless museums. She was also able to visit the Royal Library in Turin, where they had many copies of Dante’s Divine Comedy that spanned several hundred years in age.

Here she is visiting the Uffizzi in Florence:

Morgan Hydrick Pic (edited)


Summer Staff Highlight #4: Danielle Stratman

Danielle has spent her summer preparing for her last year of college. She has two internships and also works at the front desk of the Joe Frank Sanderson Center on the MSU campus (say hi if you see her!).

One of her internships is a Social Media Manager position at a Starkville digital marketing company called Sociallyin. Her other internship is at the MSU Foundation where she is a writing intern.

Between these two internships and running the social media and website for The Streetcar, most of her summer has been spent staring at a computer, but she tries to get outside whenever she can. Danielle has also been using this summer to make her way through the dozens of books in her apartment that she doesn’t have time to read during the school year.

Here she is working hard for Sociallyin:

Me (edited)